Curicó Valley is the second largest production wine valley in Chile, and where it is possible to admire the unique union between the family tradition and the passion for the land and wine granted by each of the family wineries which characterize the identity of this land full of history.

This is because it is the place chosen by the Catalan Torres company to build, in 1979, the first modern winery of the country with the idea to store wine in stainless steel tanks for the first time. This was the start to turn this privileged area into the epicenter of the Chilean wine modernity, so radically changing the face of the country’s wine area.

Here was also born our “Curicó Valley Wine Route”, which is the association of 12 outstanding wineries: AltaCima – Aresti – Correa Albano – Echeverría – Folatre – Las Pitras – Miguel Torres – Millamán – Requingua – San Pedro – Valdivieso and Viñedos Puertas, all of them located in the valleys of Curicó, mostly characterized by being an idea of a family business with tradition over the time, where the dedication and passion mark with its own seal the quality wines making.

Our mission is to present Curicó Valley as the largest wine producer in Chile, promoting the grape as an exclusive species of unique attributes.

We try to promote the valley tradition amid the diversity of our associated wineries, by means of guided tours and special events to give every visitor a wide tourist offer. A trip to big exporters which have advanced technology of integrated management, but also a tour through small wineries with family tradition and a great love for the wine production.

Thus, our 12 associated wineries mix the latest technology with the tradition in all of their tours, so representing the big Curicó Valley wine industry, combined with the elegance of the boutique wineries with magic manor houses and ancient parks.