Viñedos Puertas

In the 50’s, a visionary and vine lover undertook a great adventure, his name was José Puertas Pons. What he never imagined was that the years of effort and sacrifice would turn him into one of the most successful wine producers of the central area, giving prestige to Curicó Valley because of its fertile and kind lands.

It was originally devoted to the bulk wines production and sale, apart from the “maquila” service provided to important companies of the counry, with 80 hectares of vineyards and a winery of one million liters capacity.

Today, this family company has 650 hectares of vineyards, all of them in Curicó and a winery of more than 23 million liters, with the most modern technology, where its wine making is destined both to the domestic and the international markets, so producing consistent and harmonious wines, which have obtained important awards in prestigious competitions in Chile and abroad.

Address: Bodega El Milagro: Convento viejo s/n, Curicó.

Telephone: (56) 231 2078