The origin of Echeverría family goes back to a small town in the spanish mountains, called Amezqueta, near San Sebastián, in Guipúzcoa. In 1740, they moved to Chile where they settled down, and from the beginning they played an important role in the Chilean agriculture.

At the beginning of XX century, Echeverría family established its current vineyards in Molina, Curicó Valley, the Chilean wine heart. Since then, Viña Echeverría has produced grapes of the best pre-phylloxera french origin vines, making fine wines in this privileged place.

In 1992, Viña Echeverría started commercializing its wines all over the world under its own label and with the name of the family.

Address: Viñedos La Estancia s/n, Molina. Casilla 123, Molina.

Telephone: (56-75) 249 1560