Its origins go back to 1946, in the native land of Hacienda El Cóndor de Peteroa, owned by the Cánepa family. Although some of the vineyards had already been planted before that date, since then the family continued expanding them and also planting more than 200 hectares of olive groves.

Today, the Hacienda presents a mix of long productive tradition and the most modern technology for vinification and for the extra virgin olive oil extraction. The manor house and winery date from more than 100 years.

In 1997, the idea to form Viña Millamán arose, with the mission of turning the terroir and tradition of this Hacienda into a line of premium wines, which today are exported to 17 countries and have received several awards all over the world.

Address: Fundo Peteroa s/n. Sagrada Familia. Casilla 926, Curicó.

Telephone: (56-75) 252 0674 - SALA DE VENTAS (56-9) 75186299