San Pedro

The origins of Viña San Pedro go back to 1865, when the brothers, Bonifacio and José Gregorio Correa Albano, started making the first wine with local grapes, which were later replaced by noble varieties from the south of France and Germany, so giving the Curicó area the condition of a wine valley.

It has one of the largest vineyard areas in Southamerica, with 1.200 hectares, and its modern facilities have a vinification capacity of 38 million liters per year, while the bottling plant reaches 27.000 bottles/hour.

Besides that, it has an underground cellar built in about 1865 with the famous “stone masonry” technique, where they kept their premium wine, Cabo de Hornos.

San Pedro wines are present in almost 80 markets in the five continents, with Cabo de Hornos, 1865, Castillo de Molina, 35° Sur and Gato brands, to satisfy the needs and preferences of different publics all around the world.

Address: Longitudinal Sur Km 205, Molina. Casilla 12, Molina.

Telephone: (56-75) 249 1517 / Anexos 531 o 555