Viña Valdivieso is the materialization of a project focused on the fine wines production under pioneer quality standards in Chile, and guided by two strong principles: the excellence and the production of different and attractive wines, by means of a careful incorporation of new varieties together with the selection of the appropriate terroirs for each of them.

While searching the best varieties, the winery has developed a wide quantity for each of its wine lines, reaching a qualitative consistency rarely found for such a broad set of varieties and wine types. On the other hand, the exploration of the best terroirs does not only aims to make each variety express its potential, but also that they have distinctive and special characteristics which determine new aromas and tastes.

Today Valdivieso is highlighted as the first winery in southamerica destined to the sparkling wines production.

Address: Luz Pereira 1849, Lontué.

Telephone: (56-75) 247 1000